MD – “ Tank” feature

Mandarina Duck’s TANK design is an icon. The original, developed in the 1980’s, was a paragon of perfect functionality.

Though its name suggests something heavy and not very mobile, the TANK case is very light but of course super-resistant, like a tank, its unique ribbed surface reflecting the moving tracks surrounding the tank’s wheels.

It’s an object to be counted on, an object to be trusted to protect your personal belongings on any journey. Our trolleys guarantee a long-lasting quality, a protective shell armed against scratching and therefore keeping its aesthetic intact.

For the present, this iconic Mandarina Duck case has been restyled. Its dynamic design is still there, executed in made of colored anodized aluminum that makes it even airier yet retains its sturdiness. Available in refined muted hues of grey, blue and black.

Inside, the distinctive yellow zip pull, yellow logo and yellow fabric pockets ensure full protection for your belongings.

Mandarina Duck’s ingenious TANK brings you all the way to your destination.